About Us


We care for people with a wide variety of psychiatric problems including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADD/ADHD, OCD, and addiction, as well as many others! At Psyche, you will receive friendly, compassionate care in a relaxing and comfortable environment, conveniently located in Capitol Hill in downtown Denver. We do not do 30 second med checks, but we sit down and listen to our patients’ concerns and thoughtfully craft a treatment plan with input from both patient and psychiatrist. We focus on making an accurate diagnosis and providing treatment, primarily with medication management and behavioral advice. We do not offer psychotherapy at this time, however we coordinate with therapists in the community to ensure that our patients get complete care. 

Our goal is to provide great psychiatric care that is easy for our patients to access. We accept most major insurance plans, so there is no large upfront fee for services and no additional paperwork for you to deal with. All you pay is any co-pay or deductible that is required by your plan. It’s as simple as making an appointment and letting us handle the billing. 

We understand that people suffering with a mental illness frequently try many medications before finding the one that fits them best. With our caring, cooperative approach, we seek to minimize frustration and find new and effective treatments, even for people who have tried many different treatments in the past. If you or a loved one is dealing with a psychiatric issue, there is no need to suffer! Call us today!

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