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Do you suffer from depression? Major Depressive Disorder manifests in about 7.1% of the U.S. population in a given year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, with even higher rates across a lifetime. As you seek treatment for this condition, Psyche in Denver, CO, can help. We offer a variety of depression treatment options, including some of the newest and most advanced options available, for people with depression that does not get better with standard medication and therapy.

Some of these treatment options require in person visits but we are conveniently located in the Capital Hill district of downtown Denver. We are easily accessible from the entire Denver metro area including Lakewood, Aurora, Littleton, Golden, and Westminster.

How Can We Help You?


We provide effective and personalized treatment options for depression. Depression can seem never ending, but with the right treatment, recovery and relief are possible. For people who have not gotten better with depression treatment in the past, the frustration can be intense, but with new, advanced treatment options, like the ones offered at Psyche, recovery is becoming a reality for more people every day. To fight treatment-resistant depression, Psyche provides the following services:

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a safe, effective, and noninvasive procedure in which a powerful magnet, similar to one found in an MRI scanner, is used to stimulate and heal the area of the brain that is affected by depression. Though many people may not have heard of it, this treatment has been cleared by the FDA and is recognized as an effective alternative treatment for depression by the American Psychiatric Association. TMS Therapy is very effective in reducing and often eliminating the symptoms of depression for those that have not responded to more traditional medications and therapy or have experienced negative side effects from medication. TMS is individualized for each patient to ensure the best possible outcome.

Patients experience the best results when they complete a full course of treatment, a total of 36 sessions, over the course of 9 weeks. The first 30 sessions are completed consecutively, Monday through Friday. We recognize this is a big time commitment, but each session only takes about 20 minutes and we are just a short drive from anywhere in or around Denver, including Lakewood, Aurora, Littleton, Golden, and Westminster! We offer free phone consultations for this treatment to give you an opportunity to speak with someone from our team before making the decision to commit

Intranasal esketamine (a form of ketamine) therapy is administered in the office for patients with treatment resistant depression and major depressive disorder with acute suicidal ideation. This medication is taken in conjunction with an oral antidepressant and is approved by the FDA. This option can help to boost the effect of a more traditional antidepressant in people who have not gotten relief from those medications alone.

Each SPRAVATO session requires a two-hour observation period following the administration of the medication. Generally, a 6 month treatment course is standard for SPRAVATO, but some patients find they benefit more from extended courses with long term maintenance. During the first four weeks, a patient would attend sessions twice a week. Following the first four weeks, the patient and their provider would determine the treatment frequency moving forward. The goal is to do treatment as infrequently as possible to maintain a positive response. Ideally, sessions 9-17 would be completed on a weekly basis, and all sessions thereafter would be completed at a biweekly frequency, However, the specific treatment plan is determined by the patient and provider based on a patient’s response to the medication. We recognize this treatment requires a substantial time commitment, but our convenient location means we are just a short drive from anywhere in the Denver metro area, including Lakewood, Aurora, Littleton, Golden, and Westminster! We offer free phone consultations for this treatment to give you an opportunity to speak with someone from our team before making the decision to commit.

Our team at Psyche Denver provides comprehensive evaluation of psychiatric condition(s). We are experts in psychiatric pharmacology and we will work collaboratively with you to determine a medication plan that you can understand and feel comfortable with based on your goals. Whether you are just starting your mental health journey or have been traveling this path for years, we can help! Taking your history and previous medications into consideration, our providers will prescribe needed medications and follow up with you over time, making adjustments as necessary. Our knowledge of medication management for depression can help you by going beyond some of the more traditional treatment approaches, combining science, expertise, and compassion to help overcome depression while minimizing side effects.

For medication management, we offer telehealth and in person appointments for maximum flexibility.

Why Choose Us?


Psyche Denver is committed to continually offering the latest in evidence-based, state-of-the-art depression treatment. We see patients every day who experience recovery that they did not believe was possible! We are eager to help you find success and relief on your path to better mental health using both conventional and alternative depression treatment options! While we do not provide psychotherapy, we can provide referrals to local, highly qualified psychotherapists and we are happy to work as a team to manage your depression.

To learn more about our life-changing services and to schedule an appointment, connect with our team of mental mental health professionals today through our contact page.

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